Dishwasher & Washer Repair in Downingtown, Pennsylvania

Keep your appliance running and save with dishwasher repair from Joe Torrie & Son Appliance in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. We repair all your main appliances in your kitchen, including dishwashers, garbage disposal units, and ranges. We also offer in-home air conditioner installation. This saves you money on expensive unit replacements.

All Brands Serviced

• Maytag™
• GE™
• Whirlpool™
• Amana™

• Tappin™
• Hot Spot™

• Frigidaire™
• Sears™
• Kenmore™
• Kitchenaid™
• Speed Queen™
• Thermador™
Refrigerator in Kitchen, Refrigerator Repair in Downingtown, Pennsylvania

When to Repair

When you experience any of the following issues, let our appliance repair professionals take a look.

Dishwashers – If Your Dishwasher – Isn't Working, Is Leaking, Makes Noise, Won't Turn on, Has Transmission Issues, Has a Wiring Issue, or Type of Pad

Dryers – If Your Dryer Won't Turn On

Ranges – If Your Range – Won't Heat up, Doesn't Turn on, or Overheats

Air Conditioner – If Your Air Conditioner – Doesn't Come on, Doesn't Blow Cool Air, or Has a Leak

Washer – If Your Washer is Leaking or Making Loud Noises

Garbage Disposals – If Your Garbage Disposal – Gets Blocked & Won't Turn on, or Fills up & Blocks the Sink

Efficient Repair

We will take care of your repairs as quickly as possible, diagnosing the issue and handling all repairs the same day whenever possible. Our repair experts typically have needed parts on the truck, but can order parts as needed.

Contact us in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, for professional refrigerator and dishwasher repair.